Kamioni Oglasi Posao


Marbar Logistics based in Elk Grove Village, IL is excited to hire a girl with an entry – level, energetic, organized, and self-motivated Safety Assistant to help our fast-growing company to grow even more! We provide full training for our future newcomer. Preferably Serbian/Croatian/Macedonian language and Spanish working proficiency is strong PLUS.
– Doing safety program and orientation with drivers.
– Checking Logbooks.
– Entering required documentation in software called – Protransport.
– Calculating mileage in Protransport.
– Filling out application forms.
– Providing desired help with paperwork for new drivers.
– Checking MVR and PSP records.
– Preparing binders for trucks.
– Registering trucks, applying for permits.
– Creating and maintaining folders for trucks, trailers and drivers.
– No option for remote work, only in our office.

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Oglasi Posao


Marbar Logistic is looking for a Fleet Supervisor. If you are well organized, excellent with paying attention to the details, multitasker, responsible, and reliable, you are our next team member. Responsibilities are listed below and if you can see yourself running a yard (and fleet) in Chicago, send us a resume with phone number and email included, we’ll contact you shortly:
1. Once new trucks are in from the dealer, preparing trucks for the road is mandatory. Sticking decal signs on the truck, sticking numbers on each truck (both sides), installing samsara GPS, installing bestpass, prepass, logbook devices. Sticking IFTA on the truck and New York sticker, also checking the validity of DOT. Once everything is done fleet supervisor has to take a picture of all serial numbers and send them to the safety group so they can be added to the system.
2. Check daily how many signs, samsara GPS devices, bestpasses, prepasses fuel cards, logbook devices, trip packs, and efs checks have left in stock and reorder if needed. (make sure proper Samsara GSP cables are loaded.)
3. Check how many microwaves, fridges, and power inverters are left in the truck’s equipment shop, and preorder more when needed.
4. Talk to Safety Supervisor on daily basis and check if any registration paperwork or plates are needed to be picked up.
5. Printer always has to be charged, make sure that there are enough cartridges at all times.
6. Each morning, it’s important to make a quick 10-15 minutes check-up on our fleet. Start each truck and let them run. Meanwhile make sure all trucks have a microwave, fridge, power inverter, prepass, bestpass, samsara camera, mattress. If anything is missing, report it immediately.
7. We want to maintain trucks the best we can so our drivers have a pleasant experience and enjoyable ride. Each day check if the power inverter and all-electric works in the truck, and report immediately if one is not working (or both of course).
8. Check on trailers daily, circle around each trailer on the yard, and see if anything needed to be replaced or fixed, if anything is missing or broken, please report to the team and call the mechanic immediately.
9. Check with our shop supervisors which trucks have to be taken to shop for check-up or repair, and which trucks are ready for the yard and road. We have two supervisors and one is in charge of automatic trucks, during the working hours (9-5) and the other is in charge of both automatic and manual trucks, only after business hours (after 5 pm).
10. Report the condition of each truck to our shop repair manager three times a day, morning, afternoon, and before the end of a shift. Also, make sure to forward information to the fleet chat group on the Viber app.
11. Once you send a driver to the repair shop, check with both them and the repair ship manager about the estimated time left before setting driver on road and report that in Viber -Fleet group, Safety group and to dispatchers so they can organize and set loads for a driver.

Follow at all times Safety Chanel Group and make sure that the dispatcher and the tracking team do not wait for a response back from the safety and fleet department.

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Kamioni Oglasi Posao


Marbar Logistics is looking for an entry-level or experienced safety supervisor and accountant to oversee and ensure full compliance is acquired regularly, in our new office in Chicago. Preferably proficient in the Serbo-Croatian language. We provide full training for every newcomer.

Your work duties:

– Doing safety program and orientation with drivers,
– Checking logbooks,
– Entering required documentation in software called – Protransport,
– Calculating mileage in Protransport,
– Filling out application forms,
– Providing desired help with paperwork for new drivers,
– Checking drivers MVR and PSP record,                                                    – Preparing binder for trucks,
– Scanning, copying driving licenses, medical cards, and SSN,
– Registering trucks, applying for permits,
– Calling IRP IRS,
– Creating and maintaining folders for trucks, drivers, and trailers,
– Challenging tickets, claims, data Q.

Who are you:

– People-oriented — enjoys interacting with people and working on group projects,
– Have strong interpersonal, presentation, verbal, and written communication skills,
– Have an Ability to balance and prioritize multiple projects,
– Ability to effectively present information to top management,
– Ability to develop, coach, and mentor others including the ability to provide development experiences and network opportunities, advise, and teach to prepare others for effective job performance.

Spanish working proficiency is a strong PLUS.

Do you think you’ll be a great fit and addition to our team?
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