Doktorske ordinacije Psihijatrija


Dr Milena Tatic Bajich je licencirani klinički psiholog. Sada možete da zakažete svoj termin i preko sajta. 

*** is a program where it lets you speak to me via computer (it can be a Mac or regular computer that has video capabilities and sound).

You can click on the link below and it will take you automatically to the right place or you copy it and paste in your browser:

When you get to the site, it will ask you to write out your name (this tells me who is waiting) and to click the green button: Check In.

When you click Check In, I will see that you are there and I will check in as well and we will begin to talk. Currently, Medicare and BC/BS will cover video-calls through this method, skype or phone. I do not have face-time because I do not use an iphone (sorry).

We can have the sliding scale apply to Zelle or some other payment method. Some of my clients do not have a computer and so a phone call will suffice to “meet” in this way. If you have any trouble, let me know.

My office number: (773) 561-5524

My mobile number: (773) 343-5403

Both of these can be used if you need to reach me for any reason or if you wish to make any additional appointments. You may wish to email me as well at this email: or

See you soon!

Attached is a small article of tips that I have prepared.

Hope you find it useful.